Criteria for Ordination

To be considered for Ordination, the following criteria must be met.

  • Godly lifestyle – a life beyond reproach.
  • Actively and faithfully serving in an area of Kingdom ministry (ie. Preaching, Leading, Intercession, Home and Family, Workplace, Worship, Prophetic, Evangelism, Apostolic, Media, Arts and Entertainment, etc.)
  • Must be a member of Women in Ministry Network at least six months before applying for ordination.
  • Five foundational courses from Patricia King’s Institute:
    1. Women of Influence – this is a 12 session certificate program that covers many subjects regarding effective women in ministry, giving strong foundations and godly standards and values for women to be ordained in Women on the Frontlines.
    2. The Glory School Certificate Course – this is a 16 session program that covers foundational, biblical teaching on the Kingdom realm and how to access, live, and minister in the glory of God.
    3. Ordination – This is a two-session pre-requisite for Ordination.
    4. The Making of a Champion – This is a 8 session pre-requisite for Ordination.
    5. Ministry Team Training course
  • Each year, one new course will be mandatory to keep your ordination.
  • A completed application and interview.
Deadline to submit applications to be considered for July 2018 ordination with WIMN is: May 15, 2018.

What is the fee for Ordination?

— There is no “ordination fee” but the following requirements are necessary.

  1. The Women in Ministry Network (WIMN) fee is $20 per month or $125 per year
    (this includes certificate and monthly conference calls and networking opportunities).
  2. Women of Influence course
  3. The Glory School Certificate Course
  4. The Ordination course
  5. The Making of a Champion course
  6. Ministry Team Training course

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