Patricia King Institute offers a wide variety of courses and programs from Patricia King as well as many other anointed and respected prophets, apostles, and ministers of the Gospel. Would you like to earn an degree in Supernatural Ministry? Below are are the courses that will take you on a rich journey to an Associate’s Degree in Supernatural Ministry (ASM).


The Kingdom of Heaven is so very rich and full of God’s love. As God’s child, you are invited to explore its height, length, depth and breadth through the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Taught by Patricia King, this 15-part course is designed to acquaint you with the truth of God’s Word concerning who you are in Christ and what wonderful benefits you have been granted as a believer. Discover how to activate your faith to access the throne of grace and enjoy the very Presence of God. This is a required course for those seeking ordination through WIMN


Patricia King’s three-lesson teaching on ordination is a biblical study that offers a new framework of understanding for what it means to be “ordained.” This is a required class for those seeking ordination through WIMN.


We are in a critical hour in the earth. It is time for the mature ones of God to arise and move in the dominion authority He entrusts His stewards with. In this five-part course, Patricia King covers topics that include:

  • Power Prayer
  • Third Heaven Intercession
  • Warring in Tongues
  • Overcoming Powers and Principalities
  • Space Wars
  • Birthing Through Decrees
  • And More!


Scripture tells us that the Lord has placed His angels all around us. Are there other heavenly creatures, too? What are they all there for? How do we become more aware of them? How can we co-labor with them to advance the Kingdom in the earth?

In this three-part course, Patricia King will mentor you in supernatural aspects of Christianity, and discover how to discern angels and other heavenly beings. You will be amazed at the divine realms it opens up to you!

More to Come!